How Covid 19 led me to Conk.

Who would have thought 'stay home', 'stay safe' and 'wash your hands' would be the slogans of 2020 when we were stepping into January? We, humans, are incredibly adaptable - the wildness of Covid, although very much there, almost feels like white noise. We have adapted to this very annoying new normal (my least favourite phrase of 2020. That, and unprecedented), but it is Covid that has led me to start Conk and thus, a Conk blog...silver linings?

Lock down happened the day we landed back from the Alps and I was told to work from home - an upside to the new normal. WFH meant it saved me from the dreaded central line, the predictable Pret lunch, and the office air conditioning (which was unthinkably cold, whatever the weather). I was greeted by all of these things on my phased return back to the office, only to be made redundant very shortly after.

Conk has been a niggling itch that I've wanted to scratch ever since I bought my mother a fruit bowl made from concrete years ago. I really loved it, and i'm not sure why but I decided to make one myself. And I did! And I loved it. I went on to make a number of fruit bowls for various friends and then work just got in the way. A year or two later, a Covid redundancy, and only now have I been able to fully embrace Conk and get it somewhat off the ground.

Now, after actually catching Covid myself, I sit here in isolation tapping the words to my first blog post. And it's October (?!). I'm certain Covid translated somewhere actually means time traveller.

The Conk blog will be a work in progress, i'm sure, but stay with me & by the end of it we will all be living happily ever after in our concrete themed houses ;)

Joey xx

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