Benefits of polished concrete floors

Designing your home is ALMOST like naming your new born baby. Making design choices for each room that you will live with every day for probably the next 10-20 years is a daunting task. Maybe not the same as naming your new person but it's up there. Neutral colour scheme or bold? Floor boards or carpet? Marble or tiles? Chrome fittings or stainless steel? And the Sofa?? Timeless or on-trend?! I could go on.

Flooring is one of those big ticket items. Aside from the walls, the floors make up most of your home, and a design decision you don't want to be questioning in 6 months time. You would have to move all the furniture for starters. If you were considering polished concrete flooring, or weren't but could be interested, I am taking a look at the benefits, & why you won't regret it.

Polished concrete flooring opens up a space and achieves the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. There are no grout lines from tiles or gaps where floor boards are laid therefore nothing to break up the space, making for a seamless floor. Polished concrete also reflects light which brightens a room, adding to the feeling of an airy and spacious room.

There is not just one shade of grey when looking at having concrete in your home. There's 50 shades of grey. Okay not 50. The finishes are actually limitless, therefore giving you the ability to achieve whatever aesthetic you would like and creating a floor that is completely unique to your home. As demonstrated in the image above, the aggregate is prominent, giving the look of a stoney/marble finish.

The real beauty in choosing concrete to walk on in your home is the ease in which it is to clean. The lack of crevices from grouting or cracks from floorboards means there is no place for dirt to hide in. Concrete flooring is also stain resistant and dense enough to repel water, oil and other spillages, which in my book is a big fat tick.

In addition, if you suffer from allergies, look no further - polished concrete is the floor for you. Dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens find it hard to stick to the smooth polished concrete texture. Winning!

If you're a sucker for underfloor heating like me, you'll be thrilled to know that a concrete floor is completely compatible. No need for slippers or ski-socks, go bare-foot! Underfloor heating it easy to lay and won't break the bank when teaming with concrete.

Concrete is also thermally efficient. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making for an eco-friendly home - another reason for its rise in popularity. Need I go on.

Overall, polished concrete flooring has become one of the most popular choices over recent years due to its affordability, ease of maintenance and cleanliness, efficiency and design aesthetic. Aside from the endless benefits of having polished concrete flooring in your home, it does just look great and I don't believe you'd have any regrets.


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