10 Brutalist bathroom ideas

I keep seeing more and more concrete/stone/marble showers, sinks, baths and bathrooms in general. I am definitely being targeting because google knows I am a complete sucker. I have always been so curious as to how they are carried into the bathrooms in the first place... the sheer weight of them! Are they carved from the walls the bathroom stands in? Are they craned in? But through the window? It wouldn't fit?! The mind is blown.

Continue below for some inspirational brutalist bathroom ideas that have me head scratching.

1. First off, we are going down under... to Mount Tomah.

This concrete sunken bathtub is sat in the bush cabin of Greg Logan and Paul O'Byrne. The glass walls give the feeling that you are literally at one with nature and the sunken-ness of this bath at ground level means the bathtub is subtly hidden, fitting in even more so with its surroundings.

2. Chunky stone sink

(image via:

I adore the combination of rustic materials here from the wooden base, to the wild flowers, to the antique mirror, to finally the pièce de résistance.. this stone sink. I want to bathe in it. It's perfectly symmetrical, smooth curves make me want to hug it. *adds to the list of concrete items I want to make...

3. Bathtub in the boudoir...

(image via: Rely Design)

And why wouldn't you have a concrete bathtub in your bedroom? Privacy retained by a slightly tinted glass screen? Me please! My favourite thing about this bathtub is the lack of taps in the actual bath, with only a free standing spout poking out from the side. This keeps the bath perfectly minimalist, simple, and lets the concrete do all the talking.

4. Concrete shower

(image via:

So simple and yet so beautiful. The gap between the ceiling and the wall lets in a pool of light right into this walk in concrete shower. The walls, floor and ceiling are all in concrete unity. There are zero unnecessary design details that interfere & the lack of said design details only amplify its beauty.

5. His and hers concrete sink

(image via:

This contemporary designed bathroom gives us both a statement concrete (his and hers) sink, and darker in tone concrete walls. The maple colour of the wooden drawers provides warmth and adds a different texture to this concrete bathroom. Pulled together it's made to feel inviting, warm and contemporary.

6. Concrete shower

(image via:

Drooooooling over this shower. The gold taps and shower head adds an elegance to this concrete effect shower while the inset shelf provides a subtle uniqueness. Overall, the shower is extremely inviting to me.

7. Rounded stone bathtub

(image via: The Happy Hideout)

The most inviting of all of the baths. This bathtub makes me feel i'm in a spa, with hot stones and mud. But the good kind of mud. The bathtub itself makes stone look comfortable. This is one of those baths I just wonder how it got there...

8. Concrete walls

(image via:

I'm adding this image for the concrete effect walls, but really we are all looking at the (magnificent) marble sink. Enough said. Well, only that concrete walls really do bring out the best and manage to compliment almost everything.. This sink is so good it is worth of the double photo.

9. Concrete shower

(image via:

In contrast to the other concrete showers that used concrete for their floor and ceiling too, here the concrete is complimented with tiled floor and sage green wooden ceiling. The different layers of materials and textures at different levels of the shower make for a more interesting bathroom.

10. Concrete sink 2.0

(image via:

And I shall leave you with the concrete bathroom that fell from heaven and landed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This exquisite concrete bathroom was designed by Studio KO. "The idea was to create a design that could fit in the landscape as if it had been there even before us". And that they did.

11. Okay one more. via Sofia Gaudêncio


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